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      About Us (old version)

      Our Mission
      Attendee Profile
      Information and Policies

      About The Cannabis World Congress

      CWCBExpo’s mission is to work with the cannabis industry to legalize, educate, strengthen, expand and help legitimize the cannabis industry.

      Attendee Profile

      Attendees at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo are highly qualified professionals and entrepreneurs:

      • Employed in the cannabis industry
      • Interested in starting a cannabis business
      • Private equity & investment resources
      • Provide professional or business services

      These attendees will represent all segments of the Cannabis industry:

      • Accounting & bookkeeping firms
      • Consulting services
      • Delivery services
      • Dispensaries
      • Edibles producers
      • Federal, state and local governments
      • Grow sites & facilities
      • Hemp producers & distributors
      • Infused products producers
      • Law enforcement
      • Legal services
      • Licensed retail stores
      • Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities
      • Private equity firms
      • Regulatory enforcement agencies
      • Security & safety services
      • Smokeshops & headshops

      These attendees will be looking to purchase or invest in a broad scope of products and services:

      • Accounting & insurance services
      • Advertising & marketing agencies
      • Banking & payment processing services
      • Botanicals
      • Containers, bottles and packaging
      • Dispensing & vending machines
      • Displays & fixtures
      • Grow lights
      • Hemp products
      • Hydroponics & cultivation products
      • Infused edibles & beverages
      • Inventory tracking
      • Lawyers & legal resources
      • Licensing services
      • Medical resources
      • Paraphernalia (headshop & smokeshop goods)
      • POS & management software
      • Private equity & investment resources
      • Professional training & education
      • Security services & equipment
      • Seed banks
      • Testing & lab services
      • Tinctures, tonics and topicals
      • Vaporizers

      And more…

      Information and Policies

      THC policy:?The consumption and sale of THC products is strictly prohibited by CWCBExpo and is not allowed at any of the CWCBExpo events. We strongly encourage attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and press to adhere to the venue regulation as well as local, state, and federal laws.

      Age Restriction:?No one under the age of 18 may register and attend the CWCBExpo.

      Media Pass Information:?Requests for media access and passes are individually reviewed and provided to credentialed industry editors and writers including: editor-in-chief, managing editors, associate editors and publishers, featured editors, business editors, reporters, writers, and recurring contributing writers. Online magazines, blogs, and e-newsletters must be operational for at least 6 months and post original industry-related news. The following titles that are not eligible for complimentary media access include but are not limited to: account manager, account executive, general management, marketing, and communications, public relations, and sales-related titles. Individuals and representatives of companies who self-publish company e-newsletter, publication, or web site are not eligible.

      The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition reserves the right to decline press pass requests and revoke press badges at any time.

      Association Policy:?Media personnel attending cannot require payment from exhibitors, attendees or any show participant for such coverage.

      Refund Policy: Refunds will be subject to a $15 processing fee up to 30 days prior to the start of the event. No refunds will be granted, under any circumstance, within 30 days of the event.

      Photography / Video Policy:?Only members of the media accompanied by designated Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition personnel are permitted to conduct photography, audio and video capture during the Seminar. Roaming interviews, photography, or video are not permitted.

      During the CWCBExpo, CWCBExpo and/or its designated representatives may take photographs or video recordings of attendees, and CWCBExpo may use these materials for its editorial or marketing purposes. Attendees acknowledge that their image, likeness or voice may appear in these materials. By attending the CWCBExpo, attendees consent to CWCBExpo’s use of their image, likeness or voice for CWCBExpo’s editorial or marketing purposes in connection with any materials in which attendees appear.


      Please contact a member of our staff for any questions you may have regarding our events in New York or Los Angeles or Boston:

      Press & Media Relations:


      Seminar & Speaking Sessions:

      Email:?speakers@cwcbexpo.com; Phone:?201-580-2050

      Attendee Questions:

      Email: attendees@cwcbexpo.com; Phone:?201-580-2050

      Exhibitor Questions:

      Email: sales@cwcbexpo.com; Phone:?201-580-2050