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      Exhibitor Marketing Kit

      Expand your brand

      Through the Cannabis World Congress’ unmatched investment and media opportunities your company will realize its potential by building strategic industry relationships at our business expositions, industry parties, and networking events.

      Each opportunity at the Cannabis World Congress is distinctive and unrivaled when you exhibit and pair with a sponsorship that connects with each attendee as well as other exhibiting companies. Exposure of your brand is maximized resulting from pre show, during the show, and post show marketing through mainstream news interviews and editorials, press releases, social media blasts, TV commercials, radio commercials, YouTube commercials, email marketing, and more.

      Capitalizing on the vast market potential in New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston will elevate your organization to the highest position by making your brand synonymous with the Cannabis industry which will lead to higher sales, growth in your marketing effectiveness, lower barrier to entry for new products, and increased working capital.