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      Los Angeles Press Registration

      Obtaining Press Credentials

      Los Angeles Press Registration is not yet open.

      When open, qualified members of the media are invited to apply for press credentials for the upcoming CWCBExpo Los Angeles, March 3 – 4, 2021. Each qualified member, including broadcast crews must be individually credentialed. You must be 18 years or older to attend CWCBExpo.

      Press registration applies to editorial positions only at print and online/digital publications as well as broadcast (including podcasters and streaming) reporters at the discretion of CWCBExpo media relations staff. Click here for the Media Qualification Guidelines.

      All press registration requests will be evaluated and you will be sent a confirmation that your media credentials have been granted or that more information is needed for verification.

      If you have any questions, email or call Annie Scully at 201-310-9252.

      Members of the press will have the opportunity to use the on-site Press Office, which will include exhibitor and CWCBExpo press releases and other amenities. View the CWCBExpo Media Kit and Media Vault pages for press releases, logos and press coverage.

      For press registration questions and to arrange interviews pre-show or on-site during CWCBExpo Los Angeles, contact us.