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      New York City Sponsors

      Diamond Sponsor

      As a Diamond Sponsor, Bang Energy enjoys the unique opportunity to showcase their brand with end-to-end coverage on the show floor for the duration of the show. As a major sponsor their high quality nutritional supplements product is presented not only in a high visibility booth on the show floor but also on signage for the show, print materials and they benefit from all marketing efforts from the organizers.

      Sapphire Sponsor

      As a Sapphire Sponsor, CannabisNewsWire enjoys the benefits of a sponsorship built specifically for the growing organization that looks to become a mainstay within their sector of the cannabis industry. As one of the major sponsors, they get the opportunity to elevate their brand awareness at the show through the marketing tools of print, digital and show signage. This sponsorship guarantees great exposure for their high-tech products backed by research and development, to a qualified audience.

      Emerald Sponsorship

      The Emerald Sponsorship is engineered for the organization on the rise and ready to accomplish executive level goals.

      Networking Mixer Sponsors

      As the Networking Mixer sponsors, Advanced Nutrients, Medicine Man Technology & Creating Better Days put their company and brand up front and center as they continue networking, exchanging business cards, getting deals done while building partnerships, even after the show is done for the day. Keeping the sponsors’ goals in mind, the CWCBExpo’s event management team prepares this networking event. Please note this is a separately ticketed event.

      Show Bag Sponsor

      As the Show Bag Sponsor Marcum LLP will be in the homes of every exhibitor and attendee. The Show Bag has many uses outside of the exhibit floor and just like a pen it will travel around the world for many years to come.

      Show Badge Sponsor

      Prime real estate for Capsoil as their branding will be in the spotlight any time that someone looks at a badge.

      Lanyard Sponsorship

      The Lanyard Sponsor brand is prominently visible throughout the show. Putting their logo on the lanyard guarantees their brand will be showcased in photos, interviews, and press coverage over a three day period.

      Show Guide Sponsor

      The source for all show related information comes from one book,
      the Show Guide. RYOT will impress every attendee by being headline news in this show’s edition.

      Conference Sponsor

      Reaction AV has positioned their brand as the industry leader in education and thought generation. Inspirational storytelling,? indepth research, valuable insight, and exclusive knowledge lead this years program brought to you by Reaction AV.