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      Montel Williams


      “I’m really grateful to have spoken at the CWCBExpo. It’s critically important that those of us on the activism and industry sides of the cannabis movement come together frequently and ask ourselves tough questions about where we’ve been and where we’re going. We have to always remember that patients like me depend on each of us to be at our best, and in coming together we have a chance to learn from each other and move forward as one. Given that, CWCBExpo was the perfect place to announce my new venture, LenitivLabs, which will make sure patients are not forgotten as the tide of legalization continues to rise.”

      Chris Sinacori

      President & CEO of 3Win Corporation

      “Hi, my name is Chris Sinacori.? I am the President and CEO of 3Win Corporation.? Our Corporate office is based out of Phoenix, AZ.? This is actually our first year exhibiting here in New York and it’s been a phenomenal show and what makes it phenomenal is that I feel like the traffic has been better than expected.? I feel like today, being the last day of the show, we have been communicating with people on every aspect of the business from the growth facilities all the way up the end user.? So from our staff, it has been a pleasure.”

      Andi Goldman

      ABG Advisory/Equitas Partners Fund

      “What this organization does so well is really bring diversity to the fore within the industry. To be a New Yorker and have a legal cannabis show in the heart of New York City makes me proud.”

      Calvin Frye

      Compassionate Caregivers

      “They care a little bit more about what’s actually going on as opposed to promoting products and things like that. And for me, I think that’s very important.”

      Roz McCarthy

      M4MMJ (Minorities for Medical Marijuana)

      “I would tell folks if you’re thinking about why come, why should you participate – you can make connections that will last you a life time from a friendship standpoint. From a business standpoint I have met people that have really come in and they’ve given me a lot of knowledge and a lot of information to help me grow personally as well as for me to help other people grow, so it’s just been a great connection.”

      Khurshid Khoja

      Greenbridge Corporate Counsel

      “Not every conference has the speakers that have pioneered the industry and what sets CWCBE apart is that you have those folks.”

      Dennis D’Alessio


      “They work real hard to help promote the companies, share ideas, band together and produce products that are game changers in the world of medicine.”

      Lauren Murphy

      Alt Thirty Six

      “They really try to understand your business. You’re not just a number.”

      Nate Jackson

      Athletes for Care

      “They do it the right way. They take care of us and they present a good platform for us to give our message.”

      David Feldman

      Duane Morris

      “The CWCBE events are B-2-B focused which we really appreciate. We find that we make tremendous contacts. New clients. New opportunities.”

      Steve Mandile

      Co-Founder, Cannabis Advancement Series

      “Thank you to the CWCBExpo for being here in Boston and really putting a spotlight on the veteran’s issues, that’s not just in Boston but every city you guys are going to. We really appreciate that and thank you.”

      Michael Pavlak

      CEO, StashStock

      “I didn’t know what to expect from the show. It’s been a great 24 hours! We are looking for cultivators, large scale cultivators and processors and we met 6-7 today already. When you don’t take a shot, you miss every time. Like we came to know about CWCBExpo on Tuesday, we called, signed up and drove 9+ hours to get our first customer in Massachusetts today! If we didn’t come we don’t get customers so here we here and very, very pleased.”