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      Announcing MJClick.com

      MJCLICK A One-Stop Digital Business Marketplace Announced by CWCBExpo

      (Paramus, NJ, August 2020)

      CWCBExpo, the leading business-to-business forums focused on educating and connecting professionals who recognize the unique business opportunities of the cannabis industry announces MJClick.com, a robust one-stop portal to help businesses grow year round.? Powered by advanced technology and search capabilities, MJClick.com will be a dynamic online marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect in the cannabis, hemp and CBD industry.

      ??????????? The key elements of MJClick include:

      • Cannabis Business Directory–searchable by products, services, geography, and more targeted parameters.
      • Expert & Influencer Profiles–providing unique insights and strategies for success.
      • Featured Company Listings–spotlighting new product launches and services, multimedia presentations, and behind the scenes access to top businesses.

      • Industry Resource Library–featuring events and organizations, mergers & acquisitions news, and trusted sources for financing, licensing, investment and more.

      ??????????? “In other portfolios we have owned and managed over the years we launched highly successful complementary digital offerings to our brick and mortar events.? Now is the time to deploy these same principles to the cannabis, hemp and CBD industries,” said Greg Marco, President, CWCBExpo.? We have all experienced first-hand how traditional business-building and lead generation models can change in an instant. MJClick.com will be a powerful one-stop cannabis business tool available anytime and from anywhere.”

      ??????????? MJClick is part of a suite of digital initiatives, including CWCBExpoWebinars and CWCBEducation that were launched this year, as well as a CWCBExpo Virtual Event coming this Fall, to expedite cannabis business development and industry growth. To find out more visit www.MJClick.com or email: sales@mjclick.com.

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